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Most know that I am a cancer survivor. When I took chemotherapy (the prescribed “cocktail” for the uninitiated), the effects are additive.  Treatment 1 – not so bad; Treatment 2 – achy; Treatment 3 – can you define “dehydrated”? etc.  My continuous prayer was that I would not throw up and God honored that as I never came even close!!

OK – TMI. Anyway, you take all these steroids – you know, the kind in mega amounts that get world class athletes in trouble when they make bad choices!.  In the case of chemo, which you are given to save your life, the steroids save your life from possible severe reactions to the chemo drugs.  The net effect of all of this together is a weird out-of-body experience called “chemo brain”.  Lots of speculation in 2004 that it was “all in your brain” (as in “you have to be making this up!) but you can trust me when I tell you it was for real.  Sometimes could not make a coherent sentence. Had trouble with reading comprehension. Could not sleep. Start stuff and never finish it (thought I did). Was dumb enough to negotiate two major contracts during that period – am still dealing with the effects of that, too.

I decided today that chemo-brain has a relative. It is called “Friday Brain”. I am telling you – I could not make a complete sentence by the time I left work today. This week included oral presentations on the biggest project of my career, refereeing, hosting retirement party, Legislation and trips to the Capitol, more Legislation and more trips to the Capitol, meetings, family in from out of town for a funeral, staffing decisions, meeting with the Executive Director, Sunday School party, closing the re-fi on our house – and those are just the things I remember. No body aches (thankfully) but I swear my brain feels just like it did in October 2004. Scary.

Hello Weekend!! It is so good to see you. AND – it is neither raining or snowing. Yea!

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