Everybody Needs A Hero

JoEllen and Bully – February 2011
“Struttin” 2008

This bundle of energy is my hero – she also happens to own a chunk of my heart and has pretty much since she showed up on this earth almost 4 years ago.  You might say she was a birthday gift that was really unexpected (her birthday is the day prior to mine).

JoJo is a student at the Little Lighthouse. Amazing place with amazing people doing amazing things educating JoJo and her friends. She has learned tons there. More than that, though, she is constantly teaching me stuff.  I know a few signs, for example! I know “more” and “diaper” (though fortunately those are no longer on the list).  I know about laughing. I know about perseverance. I know about making friends. And I know about learning how to make choices. 

Sack Race
Struttin 2009

I know she has the best big brother in the entire world. He is all boy but has this terrific compassionate streak and is so loving and caring.  He is already a leader. She easily follows him. And he is fun. Really – how many brothers would sack up their kid sisters in a pillowcase and haul them around the house? And how many big brothers would make sure that I would not use my “Rebel” influence on his innocent sister when “bulldog” stuff is always better (and yes, I gave in).

Oh yeah, and how many 12 year olds would collaborate with Steve and me to plan annual baseball outings to major league parks? (Atlanta, St Louis, and this year – Yankee Stadium!). (Note: their parents are also the best, too!)

Mickey and JoJo and Mom – 2010
Bro & Sis – Summer 2009

JoJo will celebrate her last Little Lighthouse Tea Party at Fairview on March 5. I am not going to be able to be there but am so proud of her and grateful to be a part in a small way of that terrific ministry. To watch JoJo and her friends at their Tea Party and at Laps for Little Ones/Struttin Their Stuff in the fall of each year is a happy, wonderful experience.  If you need to be amazed and encouraged and better yet, to smile, volunteer for one of their events and let them steal a part of your heart, too.

You are the best JoJo. Thank you for loving me, too.

Summer 2010 – Yes, that is Bully on her dress!