Meet Me In Montana!

Garden and orchard behind the house
Flathead Lake from our porch
Arrived yesterday and it is daytime warmer here than at home. BUT – no humidity and this morning as I sit on our deck overlooking Flathead Lake, it is cool – in the 40’s kind of cool. Behind the lake are the mountains (part of the Rockies but what range I have yet to figure out.) They are under a fire watch here so we were cautioned to be careful with the fire pit.

On the wildlife scene so far we have encountered a very industrious squirrel hiding away pine cones for the winter. Little dude must have hauled five the size of him while we watched. Right now we think he is in the tree closest to us throwing them down! Also saw a complete family of wild turkeys and down at the water last night what we thought was a weird frog turned out to be a bat!

Flathead Lake at Sunset 9-7-2011
Been up too long!!! (P.S. Mom – that is the gardener’s “shack” behind us!)

I hear sounds that are emotionally connected to my growing up years in South Mississippi. Birds chirp. Breeze in the pines and the lake sounds bring back memories from the great summers I spent on Black and Red Creeks and at Camp Iti Kana in south Forrest County. Feel of the morning air is not unlike that of my time as a Scout at National Center West (though it is by far greener here and no rattlesnakes!) I wonder, again, how anyone could believe man created this! 

I went to Psalms 8. Majesty and Glory. How can you not identify with this scripture.

Today we are headed for Glacier National Park. More to come.
Still Choosing Joy!