Red Bus Touring

Bonnie, Cille, Steve and the Red Bus at GNP

 Yesterday was the Red Bus Tour (Western Alpine was the official name) from West Glacier to Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Our driver’s name was Vic – a FSU grad who lives here part-time and part-time in Colorado. He was v-e-r-y talkative but also knowledgeable about all that we were seeing.  
In GNP we added Rocky Mountain Sheep (rams) and a Mountain Goat (male) to our list. On the way back last night, we almost had our limit on deer (very young ones).  Bonnie and I say another more mature female this morning in someone’s yard but the ones last night almost met their Maker.  Also, our friendly little squirrel is still at it. His name is now “Ralph”. I wish I had that much energy!

Sitting on the Garden Wall with Haystack Creek behind us!

Stood here yesterday! Wildflowers are unreal!

A few pictures from yesterday and today are loaded here. We are having fun and making plans as we go. Today Bonnie and I went shopping in Bigfork. Yes – we both bought something and had lunch (we did bring Steve something back.)  

Tomorrow’s plans include East Glacier and St Mary Lodge – hope to have lunch at the Lodge and ride on Lake St Mary.  Also have plans for a Flathead River float trip, a trip back to McDonald Lodge (so Bonnie can ride a horse and Cille and Steve can check out other things) and a lake boat trip. Fun Fun Fun!! Weather is outstanding so we are spoiled already!!

More to come.


Upper Falls – McDonald Creek – glacial cold
Saw this mint condition Chrysler Town and Country on Electric Avenue in Bigfork
Fell in love with this sculptor in Bigfork. Not sure I have a place for this though.