When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted.
Psalm 138:3 (NIV)
I love this verse. It came to mind when I was thinking about a friend last night who is in a position of “hurry up and wait” and as I pondered even having yet another small skin cancer removed (this time from my eyelid – not too excited about someone messing around with sharp objects around my eye but as my Mama says, “this, too shall pass.”)  Also, I have this in perspective – it is NOT breast cancer!
I think what I like is the word “stouthearted”.  Sounds sort of King James like but this translation is the NIV.  Other translations talk about God giving you “strength in your soul”.  I agree that is what it means but it just does not carry the visual of being “stouthearted”.
To be stouthearted means to be someone who stands firm on your beliefs – a faith thing – unwaivering – TOB (“tough ole bird” as my “friend” Patty has called me at times). To be stouthearted means that you are focused on the Creator thus the chief “what if” dude (a.k.a. “Satan) cannot get entrance into your heart and thoughts.

The dictionary (Merriam-Webster) defines it this way.


adjective /ˈstoutˈhärtid/ 

Courageous or determined

Works for me. I encourage you to be the same.

CilleP.S. Breast Cancer Awareness month starts October 1. Have you had a mammogram this year?