Believe – Your Choice

I have had this Carols By Candlelight song on my mind all day – could be because I am STRUGGLING with the words. And – if you cannot walk  and chew gum at the same time, you are gonna have problems walking in the dark with candles trying to sing it!

That said – it is a wonderful telling of the Greatest Story ever told. And it without any doubt a story worth sharing.

Can you hear the distant music sounding from the pipe and horn,
Bearing news of joy and gladness “Christ, the King of heav’n is born.”
Angels, too, resound the anthem to the children of the earth,
Calling all to hear the tidings of the blessed Savior’s birth.

Feel the music stir your senses like a mighty trumpet call,
Wakening the world from slumber calling out to one and all,
From the village, from the country let us join the holy throng,
As we hasten to the manger that we, too, may join the song.

Enter now the holy stable to behold the blessed sight,
This is Christ, the Lord, the Savior, pure and filled with holy light,
Tune your heart to hear His music, Feel the glory of His love,
Let us worship and adore Him, Wondrous Child of God above.

Best line is in the last verse: “Tune your heart to hear His music.”  It takes action on our part – active worship – a decision and a choice. But the reward is to “Feel the glory of His love”. Wow. What if I choose not to “tune my heart”? What wonderful blessings I would (do at times) miss.

It has taken me all day to get that verse almost down (good thing folks cannot really tell how loud I have the CD player going in the car) but every time I got to this line, I stopped to think about it. Tuning my heart. Accepting. Believing. Accepting His peace, the fulfillment of a promise. That promise is found in Micah 5:5 (my favorite Christmas verse):

And this One shall be our peace.