Sometimes I Wonder….

Love days when I can just get in the car and go.  Today was one of those. Beautiful day to be in the car. Perfect weather. Not a lot of traffic.

Was invited to present at a graduate seminar at Mississippi State. Topic: IT In the Public Sector – ERP Implementation. Could have been “death by Powerpoint” – think about it, Friday; after lunch; last day before Fall Break!

Lucked up. Was a good group – interactive and interested. Interesting dialogue. Plus a nice drive up and a couple of side trips to the MSU cheese store and Campus Mart. Yeah, I know, I am an Ole Miss Rebel but have a soft spot for  cheese and for Steve my MSU Class of 1977 hubbie….

Anytime I am on campus at a University, I wonder if I missed my calling. I drive on campus and am at peace.  I was like that my four years at UM.  Was like that when I spent a week at the Kennedy School at Harvard (yeah – me) and a couple of days at the LBJ School of Government at the University of Texas and my week at the Stennis Institute at MSU.  The feeling comes back no matter what (or where) I seem to go.  Problem is, while not too old to be a student, I am too old to get the post grad education required to make the next tier of my career being a college professor. Oh well.  I guess I will just make more trips like today and enjoy the moment.

Oh well, back to reality – Thanksgiving, Carols, Christmas, New Years at the Beach, Reality (2012 and the Legislative Session).  And who knows, maybe I will get asked to do this again.