Carols By Candlelight Trivial Pursuit

Since “Carols Week” starts in 10 days (GULP), I thought I would share some Carols Trivia that we have collected over the years.  Trust me – there could be many books written of various stories and adventures. It is probably best that most of those never are committed to paper but they have become legends over the years.

  1. How many Carols has Lavon directed including this one? 7 – Of course Larry directed the other 35!
  2. What number is this year’s Carols? 42nd
  3. What was the first year that Cille Litchfield did logistics for CBC and where was Carols performed that year? 1988 – Coliseum
  4. What former choir member and Choir Hall of Fame member always preached the “flexibility” sermon to new choir members? Jewell Merritt
  5. Where did the Sanctuary Choir rehearse while the new choir room was “under construction”?The Kitchen
  6. Who was the original queen of costumes and in fact made almost every costume we used until just a few years back? Nona Reid
  7. What member of the technical crew has three sons who all played the role of the newborn Baby Jesus?  Robert Polk
  8. What color tennis shoes did David Holmes (orchestra) used to wear for every Carols concert (yes – with his tux)?red
  9. Whose Dad was one of the early FBC Minister’s of Music?Dot Mann
  10. Name an orchestra member who has played in all Carols presentations? Ann Mason
  11. Who played the role of “Eddie Edison”? Steve Litchfield
  12. What year did it snow for Carols? (2002, I think)
  13. What former Sanctuary Choir Hall of Famer called the “Hallelujah Chorus” “God’s Pep Rally? Harry Haas
  14. Who or what are the “BRA’s”?  Back Row Alto’s
  15. What Trio leads the Carols Sanctuary decorating work?Joanie, Jackie, Christy
  16. The four big trees in front of the Baptistery – how many lights are on each tree?The answer is A LOT – as in thousands – those trees are assembled one limb at a time and each limb is wrapped individually in lights before it is inserted into the tree frame.
  17. How many feet of rope light are used to light the processional routes and hallways? The answer to that varies from year to year based on the processional routes but it is over 1000 feet – sometimes as much as 1500 feet. We used to do that with clear Christmas tree lights but we would have to replace several strands a day when the bulbs got crushed.  Rope lights make life much easier!
  18. How many lights are in the garland on the balcony rail? Honestly no one knows anymore. Since we are into constant recycle mode on the garland, lights just keep getting added!
  19. Who does most of the bow making for the light posts all over the church campus? Kim Chambers and Karen Tutor
  20. Who holds the “Wandering the Dark” Award for most dramatic Carols’ processional entrance EVER?Inez Lambright (we give that award every year in her honor).
  21. What was the name of the live camel used to bring in one of the kings when we did CBC at the coliseum? Humphrey!
  22. Who played the role of Frosty the Snowman during Carols at the Coliseum and what happened to his head? Bob Waller – his head came loose and turned round and round!

These photos are from Carols 2009.  They bring back some sweet memories.

Most of the time you don’t want to know what these conversations are about!


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