Transformation – Carols Style

Choir loft before the trees go up!

 Thought I would blog some during Carols. Here are a few shots from the two day decoration blitz (takes some amazing people to do this) and from the initial processional rehearsal held tonight.

For those who do not know – there are thousands of lights; trees that have to be assembled one limb at a time; yards and yards of garland, ribbon, and glittered stuff; HUGE ornaments on two trees on either side of the Great Arch (note – have heard a discussion that post CBC these trees will be used in a bonfire on College Street!).

It takes ladders, scaffolding, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, band aids, and a ton of people to put it all up and take it all down after New Years.

Trust me – there is a definite plan to this madness

The other thing you need to know is that this is a labor of love. You cannot afford to pay for the kind of work it takes to do this.

Masterminds behind this are Joanie Thompson, Christy Williams, and Jackie Fortenberry.   They with their elves will be fluffing garland, fixing lights and watering poinsettias for the next four weeks.

Joanie, Kathy, Christy continued tonight to staple down garland.

Not sure what Laura is thinking.

Balcony garland

Two out of three of these guys are trouble!

Eva teaching words to Carol to the King!

LLG had a tough day but he was into rehearsal!

Yeah – they all got up here nicely on the second time through.

Great Attendance!

Sarah singing “Believe”. Love this song.