We had a great day. Everyone from the McHenry clan was here for lunch except Emily and Joel (they stayed in South Carolina and were with friends). Steve’s Mom was here, too – a very pleasant surprise. The dogs, once they got over going nuts when Daddy got here (do it every time) were well behaved. Lucy, in fact was in her element. She is a diva of sorts and she went person to person for belly rubbing and ear scratching.  Buster (who came to us at Thanksgiving four years ago), took the approach of “I am in the room, but will stay here on the edge” – he gets that from Steve I think.

Judy and Mom

The menu was – well – one we are famous for – in fact you can expect these things on the Thanksgiving (and Christmas) tables in our family always – roast turkey, Mama’s dressing, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce (only Emily wants the stuff in the can – not sure where that came from), Ivery’s sweet potato casserole (don’t know how she makes it taste so good but mine never tastes like hers), Anna’s sour cream rolls, Judy’s buttermilk pie.  This year there was also a ham, a great new green bean casserole (per Judy from Southern Living), Jessica’s Mac and Cheese (bringing it from her family into ours), apple dumplings, pumpkin pie. Oh yeah – and of course there was sweet tea.  Needless to say, once everyone was gone and the rest of the dishes were done, I took a two hour dead-to-the-world nap.

Chris, Lucy, and Anna
Ivery and Bob

I am thankful for many things. At the top of the list is good health for all of us – after the cancer years, it is great that the reports continue to be good. Am thankful that Mom and Dad are in such good health and love how they cherish the times like today.

Am thankful for the grandkids (those would be my nieces and nephews and their spouses where applicable). It does freak me out that Emily is 30 now and Anna will be 20 in December (the bookends). Chris will be graduating from Georgia Tech in 2012 and moving to Seattle (we are thankful he already has a job). Anna is a sophomore at MSU. Jordan is the manager of BancorpSouth branch at Colony Crossing. Jessica teaches for JPS.  In South Carolina, Joel is the Community Pastor at The Church at Cane Bay – a new church plant – and Emily teaches in the public school system there.  I am thankful that all of us are involved in missions and ministry outreach and that we are all His children.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

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  1. So blessed to be part of this family! Hate that we weren't there this year. FYI- I didn't eat any of the canned sauce today, but I did get my fill of it when our school cafeteria had their Thanksgiving dinner menu earlier this week- yummy! Love you and miss you!

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