Silent Night

Yes – there is a sub-text here.  For most of this Carols preparation period, we have worked (struggled) with Rutter’s “Silent Night”.  We have been anything but silent in learning it and for a song we have all sung since we were little kids, this is a difficult arrangement for choir and orchestra.

RIght now I am thankful for a silent night – time to regroup and refresh and refocus so we will be ready to roll for the weekend. Not that I am suspicious or anything, but I did notice it is a full moon so probably a good idea to stay in anyway!

It has been great today to see the notice of the access to the Carols concerts via live streaming video go “viral” on Facebook as choir members shared the information on the website with their friends and then their friends with others.  How often we fail to be thankful for the advantages technology gives us.

It was great to spend time with the production team today at lunch watching dress rehearsal.  Yes there was still “fixing” going on, but it was a warm meeting and there was lots of laughter.  I am only sorry I did not get a photo of our own Annerin Long putting on Gabriel’s costume and standing in the scrim box so they could fix the lighting cues. She actually volunteered for that.  OBTW – Pam Warren dressed out as “Mary” and Wendy Gray as “Joseph” or “Isaiah” – not sure which (I hooted – there were no guys to stand in!).  Just goes to show that our folks in the Music Ministry at FBCJ do what it takes to get things to be their very best. 

The lyrics to “Silent Night” were written in 1816.  The lyrics are timeless and tell the Story that changed the dimensions of time. In that most uncertain of times and under, except for God, unimaginable circumstances, all was peaceful, holy, glorious, right. Jesus, slept in heavenly peace that night. Because of Him, we can, too.

Emmanuel. God with us. I believe.