Traveling Around

Have not blogged in a while but wanted to capture a couple of things shared by my traveling nephew and niece.  Many who have known the McHenry’s know that there is a traveling bug that we come by naturally (or at least some of us do).  My great-grandfather George Austin McHenry had it as he traveled the world as a physician in the U.S. Army.  My Dad has it (and my Mom graciously traveled along). My cousin George has it – he traveled Europe before settling in to make a living and in fact has traveled a great deal since then. I have it (bad). And for sure Chris and Anna Russell have it. 

Chris spent a summer abroad in Barcelona studying between his freshman and sophomore years at GT. Anna, as a senior at Prep, spent Spring Break in Paris. This summer, after his graduation from GT and before he joins the ranks of working adults full time at Microsoft in Redmond WA, Chris decided to take the “grand tour”.  He started in Portugal, has been through Spain including Madrid and a revisit to Barcelona, is now in Provence and headed from there to Monaco, Italy, Paris (to meet up with his sister), London, and then Dublin before returning home.

Two weeks after Chris left, Anna, who will be a junior at MSU this fall, left for a month of studies in Paris (photography and French). Chris will join her there and they will tour London and Dublin together. I am envious. Wow. But (drum roll) Steve and I are going to Belfast and County  Antrim in Northern Ireland in September so I will just have to be cool for now…..

They are blogging there travels. I have read all the posts and looked at all the photos on Flickr. I will only subject you to these two but I think these are significant and well worth sharing.

Chris’ is about his visit to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
 Sagrada Familia

Anna’s is a recording that is now on YouTube from an impromptu concert at Notre Dame when she had gone to the cathedral to have some quiet time. 
 Notre Dame Paris

Both are wonderful. I hope you will enjoy.