Back to the Beginning

Today ends one chapter and begins another. It is my last day to work full time after 35 years plus. Seems like yesterday when I started as a very green systems engineer with Burroughs Corporation. I am leaving my dream job – strategic leader of a very large technology organization for the State of Mississippi. God has been very good to me. It has been a very successful run but He is now allowing me to move on to other things.

Tonight we celebrate my parents 60th wedding anniversary. We will celebrate at Tico’s in Ridgeland but it began all those years ago on Capitol Street at Central Presbyterian Church. Their reception was at the Robert E Lee Hotel (which now is a state office building and houses a portion of the State’s technology infrastructure – ironic for sure). Mom and Dad have been and continue to be examples of servants and mentors to us, their grandchildren, and countless others. We are so thankful to celebrate this occasion!

Tomorrow Steve and I leave for one of the things on my “bucket list”. We are going to Northern Ireland. We will be staying most of the time we are there in a cottage in County Antrim about a mile from the Giants Causeway. The McHenry’s came from here way back when. If the research is correct, a fellow by the name of John McHenry migrated from here to the US in 1725. He was a 4th generation McHenry. The first, Daniel McHenry (literally “Son of Henry”) was born near the south end of Giants Cuaseway.

The photos below taken by my cousin George McHenry are places we will see. It will be a great adventure!

I’ll post more as we go. Today we celebrate my parents long and loving marriage and my career. Tomorrow, starts whatever is next. God still has a plan for me. Jeremiah 29:11-13 is more real to me today than ever before. I am grateful.

Still choosing joy!


2 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

  1. Cille,Congratulations on your new beginning. I recently heard someone use this quote as a chapter of their life was closing and another was starting.Enjoy. Charles V.Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.Dr. Seuss

  2. Cille, You have also chosen excellence throughout your life and have been an example in everything you do. I'm happy for you and Steve and wish you much enjoyment on your trip, Kim

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