NI – The Adventure Begins – Trip Across the Pond (9/1-2/2012)

We are here! Our room at the Hilton Belfast looks over the Lagan River. We can see the gantries of the Harland and Wolff Shipyards from our window as well (where Titantic was built).

The trip over was as uneventful as you could ever hope for. I can assure you that the lie-flat seating in Business Class of that 777 did not hurt. So far our experience with our NI friends has been pleasant – the cabbie whistled all the way to the hotel; the bellman gave great local info; the fellow from room service apologized for a screw up that delayed our order AND took the room service charge off our bill without being asked, and the meal, when we got it it, was outstanding – fish and chips with “mushy peas” (their description but it fit). We have figured out the converters and how to get to the web and crashed.

I guess I am surprised that Belfast is not all that big and the George Best City Airport where we landed had maybe only 7 gates. There is an international airport here also further out, but except for the landscape I thought maybe we were in Jackson Hole (last place I landed in a big plane at a very small airport). From the air NI is amazingly green.

Mom – I could tell the sea below us was calm and there is an amazing hot water kettle in the room. Dad – no cousins yet!

Photo below is Lagan River from our hotel room about 6 PM Sunday Belfast time. Yes Dad this was taken with my iPad through the hotel room window!

I am posting this early Monday morning 6AM local time. Today we tour Belfast with Susie Millar, great grand daughter of the engineer who helped build and then sailed on Titantic.  It is an all day thing and it is supposed to be a top notch view of everything Belfast. Can’t wait.

Still Choosing Joy!