Fire Drill (9/4/2012)

What happens when you take a late afternoon nap ( on vacation, right?)! You don’t go to bed until after midnight! And then about 4am, no doubt about it, the emergency alarm system comes on and tells you to get out of the building! We gathered our passports and such and a jacket and hit the stairs. We ended up with a nice walk along the river back to the front of the Hilton (wanted to do that anyway) to see that indeed there was a firetruck parked out front. Got the all clear within about 10 minutes and headed in to wait for the lift back up.

I will say this: no one panicked. No one was rude. The hotel staff apologized in person and in a letter under the door this AM. They even told us what happened – an alarm in the kitchen that had to be investigated. Needless to say, we slept in this morning.

This has happened to Steve and me before – at The Virginian in Arlington VA, at Sea Chase at Gulf Shores (twice) and now in Belfast. Ah the joys of travel! 

It is a “fine day” here as the Irish would say. High temp is supposed to be about 65. 

Still Choosing Joy!