Motorways and Other Raceways of NI (9/4/2012)

Ever tried to use your GPS in Meridian, Mississippi? It does not work.  It changes its mind regularly because stuff is so close together. Inside Belfast City and in the compact area near the Giant’s Causeway, it is no different. We made it safely out of the city after a number of wrong GPS moves by following the marked road signs for the M2 (duh).

Once on the main road we were fine except for the vehicles that were driving 90 mph. Steve kept riding over the rumple strips along the shoulder but he kept his head. Then we drop from sort of interstate like conditions to a narrow version of Hwy 49 to a really narrow version of say Hwy 26 and the speeds never changed!  Oh and the shoulders are gone now – replaced by raised concrete curbs and telephone poles.  We did only yell at each other once but I can assure you we both muttered a lot. 

Our charming cottage is about a mile from the Causeway. We did stop at the Causeway for a pit stop and some info because we kept taking a (the same) wrong turn. We ventured out again to the grocer which was also an experience since stuff we normally buy does not appear in the market (Diet Coke was an exception). We figured it out well enough and got back with only one wrong turn.

We did have to pay for our grocery bags today – these folks are into green and serious about it. We also had to put a pound coin in to use a shopping cart. You got the coin back when you returned the cart to its rightful place.  

No real eating adventures today. Subway for lunch while we waited on the rental car (MMRS friends – got exactly what I got at Regions Subway but the drink cup was only 8 oz rather than 24!). Tonight we have been figuring out how to use the strange appliances and just chilling.

Tomorrow we are going to Dunluce Castle. We passed it today. It sits majestically and mysteriously on the cliffs which are breath taking. We will spend a good bit of time walking the ruins. Looking forward to that. Patrick McHenry supposedly was born/lived there. 

Things are so pastoral. Many sheep. HUGE dairy cows. Wide assortment of crops.  And of course the raceways that run through the countryside which are shared with walkers and bikers!

II Chronicles 16:9 – For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. Oh that we may realize how important our commitment is!

Pictures below include our ride for the week, front of the cottage and the front garden.

More to come.

Still Choosing Joy!