Walking Around (9/8/2012)

Today we went back to the Causeway. Being the weekend it was really crowded. Steve wanted to hike the upper trail. I chose the cliff trail. We both had a great time and different views than before. 

Leaving there, we headed for lunch at a village named Portballintrae – another fishing village and holiday spot on the coast. We chose Sweeney’s and had really great fish and chips in a very pleasant combo wine bar – pub. 

Good looking tourist!
Sweeney’s in Portballintrae – fish and chips for lunch

Following that I wanted to return to Dunluce Castle. That place is magical. That said the car park was overflowing out to the highway so we decided to put that repeat off until maybe later. We did find on Ballytober Road the ruins of St. Cuthburt’s, the church for the palace. We roamed through the cemetery as well as inside the church (now roofless). Most of the graves are from the mid 19th century though I saw one much older from the late 1700s and one from 1985. There are many stones you cannot read and many that are too old or in too much disrepair to read.

Road to St. Cuthburt’s Church

Inside St. Cuthburth’s

Tourist in Ole Miss game day gear!

St. Cuthburt’s – Church to Dunluce Castle

We headed back up the Coastal Causeway past the cottage and to the ruins of Dunseverek.

The term “dun” means fort and indicates a royal connection.  It is noted that there was probably some sort of stronghold here as far back as the Iron Age in the mid 500’s BC. St. Patrick is also rumored to have visited here in the 5th century. 

Dunseverek Castle Ruins

What remains is the 16th century stone tower. This castle was destroyed over time in the 16th century due to fighting between the MacDonnels, O’Neills, O’Cahans, and MacQuillans. Based on some of the McHenry history I have read, there are some connections noted for sure to O’Cahan and possibly O’Neill. 

We have been so taken with the sheep and cattle here. Beautiful animals. Adds to the peace of the place. In a land so historically filled with fighting and war, peace here is so overwhelming.

More tomorrow.

Still Choosing Joy!