NI – Epilogue

We are back to reality (or new reality in my case). Good and safe trip home and getting back to a routine (though we still don’t know what day it is!)

It was a trip not be forgotten. It was everything I hoped for and more. And Steve became a very good driver on the M, A, B, and unidentified roads with and without shoulders or even two lanes.

The weather was fully British – the day we left was the worse weather day we had and would have been difficult doing much of anything. Otherwise, we were out and about rain or shine. And for my cruising friends who will understand this comment, everything was a “walking tour” and we loved it!

It was so delightful to see that in a country that so wants to share what they have in terms of history and natural resources, they are not ripping up the hills and valleys and roads and putting in big (or small) resorts. People are friendly. Places are clean. Conversation is interesting. Politics are politics but old wounds are mostly healing. Everything is old. In terms of ancestors, while they all fought each other since the Middle Ages and before, they all seem to be distantly related (then aren’t we all!). 

Websites of interest from this adventure are listed below:

NI 2012 Our Time Our Place 

Causeway Coastal Route 

Ruby Stove Cottage 

 Titantic Tours Belfast

I recorded several short videos. This one at the Causeway is my favorite:

I would do this trip again in a minute.  Maybe one day I can.

Still Choosing Joy!