And So It Begins

Though many of us have been working on Carols 2012 (our 43rd edition!) since the summer, the official “bring it all together” marathon began last week. Yesterday was the first big gathering of volunteers to take the parts and put them together. 

Organized Chaos!

As has often been shared, Carols, among other things, is a “ministry of volunteers”.  Our Sanctuary Choir theme this year is “Committed to the Call”, and for this event, that is ever so evident.

“Chambers and Tutor Bow Makers”

I chuckled to myself as Steve and I came back to the church after a quick lunch.  Folks were streaming in, dressed in grubby work clothes, gloves and tools in hand. As we greeted each other, each quietly and with little instruction just got busy. More “seasoned” folks gave “newbies” some pointers and assignments. Work happened. There were no slackers just there to “look good” by just showing up. There were easily as many as 50 folks working together in the Sanctuary and backstage. Some had to leave for rehearsals and then return. Others brought their entire family to help do bows and haul cinder blocks and run cable and lights. Pretty amazing. And (as a project manager in my working life) an unbelievable case study of how it is supposed to work INCLUDING how to recover from a slip of the ole critical path!

“Sound Central”

 What is behind all of this, you might ask? It is a love for Jesus. It is being committed to His call to tell His Story. And it is a story of Amazing Love.

Logistics Supplies – lighting for choir and guests!

The next four weeks (Carols is less than three weeks away but there are the ever popular break down phases that follow!) are a marathon. I ask that you pray for the almost 400 folks directly involved in the effort – for safety, for health for themselves and their families, for music and presentation to come together so that we are focused not on technical details and struggling for words once we reach December 7 but on focused instead on His Story.

Lighting cables and light boxes

Pray for the thousands who will sit in that room, most coming for Christmas entertainment, or who may later stumble across us on television, that they will leave their encounter changed.

Work In Process – View from the back of the main floor

 The Story we share is one of Amazing Love. Because of His Story I am still Choosing Joy!

More to come.