Be Born In Me

Every year for Carols there seems to be a new song (or at least new to me) that totally frames His Story and the message we are trying to convey. This year, that song is “Be Born In Me and is being sung with such conviction by a young mom named Brittyne Aven.

The lyrics are haunting. Mary is praying, grieving almost as she begins pouring out her heart. Her question: “If God is pleased with me, why am I so terrified?”

And as she prays, she comes to terms with what she has to do. Failure to obey is not an option. She gives all that she has to offer – a vacancy in her heart that will be filled with her love for the Child of God!

Mary explores with wonder why the Son of God would do this – “wrap Yourself inside the unexpected so we might know that love would go that far.” Mary gets it that “we” includes her. Do you get it? If not you have missed the point of His coming and dying (death on the cross for me and for you and for Mary). She sums His Story up so beautifully when she acknowledges: “I will hold you in the beginning. You will hold me in the end. Be born in me.”

Peter got it. Toward the conclusion of His earthly ministry, Jesus asked His disciples who people thought he was. They gave varying answers – teacher, prophet. The Christ directly asked Peter that question (Matthew 16:15-16): “But what about you? Who do you say that I am?” Peter’s response: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” With that acknowledgement, Peter was stating “be born in me”.

Barbara Hamilton is our gifted drama director for Carols and other programs. A more humble individual and servant I have never met. As I watched a lighting run through yesterday, the lighting set for “Be Born In Me” came up. In the scrim box above the choir loft was Barbara, attending to the manger that is used from that location during the processional, thus an unrelated scene for that number. She folded clothes and prepared that “prop” as if she were Mary preparing the manger for the newborn King. Barbara, like Peter, gets it. The King for Eternity has been born in her. Her life reflects His Amazing Love. Does yours?

Still Choosing Joy!


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  1. Your writing conveys the convictions and feelings of the impact Carols will have on folks' hearts. Well done!Vicki

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