December 31……


Like everyone else, it is important that I share the pictures of my “children” during the Christmas Season.  So – here they are – Buster, in his best “Buster mode” is guarding the Christmas trash. Lucy, is playing with Buster’s new toy. Situation normal!

What a great December – Christmas with all the McHenry’s was so much fun; Carols was (and still is) a gift that continues to give; December worship was amazing – wonderful family time; great Jojo and PT time;  friends over three times for dinner (something that had been lost when I was working full time); meeting other friends for lunch; road trip to Wiggins for a special event; amazing opportunities for worship on Sundays, through Keyboards, and in sharing Carols via television. 

Yet, there were times of terrible sorrow – the senseless tragedy Newtown, Connecticut; missing Steve’s mom for the first Christmas; watching others experience their first holiday after a loved one has gone “Home”. And then, of course, there is the mess in Washington (and I remind myself that those folks were elected by us. I am not enamored with either party at this point and wonder just how much longer God will tolerate our willfulness, false piety, greed, distrust….)

Still, I know that God is not done with us yet. In his Christmas message, Dr. Page shared from Luke 2. Okay – so that is the Christmas Story – the one we have heard since we started going to Sunday School in the nursery! But it was one of those “gotcha” moments – a verse I have read hundreds of times – verse 10 says: And the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold I bring you good tidings of a great joy which shall be for ALL the people.” Not some of the people – ALL of the people. Not just people who look, think, and talk like me ALL the people – wherever they are whether in my direct circle of influence or not. ALL the people. 

I go back to the lyrics in the final verse of “I Believe” – these words reinforce Luke 2:10:

“I believe in a cross; I believe He came for one, He came for ALL.
Heavens’ child became a man; He gave His life for me in spite of all I am.
I believe. I believe. I believe.”   

It seems I spent time at several different times sitting on the risers in the middle of the choir loft during December. I prayed from that point early during Carols Week for what we to come, for resolution of the problems with technical issues that were present, for people who were coming for decisions to be made. I sat there again the end of the week, thankful for all that had happened and for seeds that were planted. And then I sat there again this week, wondering and praying about what next for me, for Steve, for the Sanctuary Choir, for FBCJ, for our family, for our nation. And I was again reminded that because the cradle still stands in the shadow of the Cross and God has not yet come for us (for me), this message for “all THE people” is still my responsibility to share so I had better get busy.

His love is and always will be Amazing. I do believe. Happy New Year!

Still Choosing Joy!


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