The Flower

I recently began following this blog. I am a long time Dilbert fan (even though Steve told me, at times, when I was working that some of my tactics sounded like the “pointy haired boss”!)

I have come to appreciate his perspective on life. I particularly was touched by this one. I was reminded the importance of not taking life’s (God’s) gifts for granted.

Morning Story and Dilbert

For some time I have had a person provide me with a rose boutonniere to pin on the lapel of my suit every Sunday. Because I always got a flower on Sunday morning, I really did not think much of it. It was a nice gesture that I appreciated but it became routine. One Sunday, however, what I considered ordinary became very special.

As I was leaving the Sunday service a young man approached me. He walked right up to me and said, “Sir, what are you going to do with your flower?” At first I did not know what he was talking about, but then I understood.

I said, “Do you mean this?” as I pointed to the rose pinned to my coat.

He said, “Yes sir. I would like it if you are just going to throw it away.” At this point I smiled and gladly told him…

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