South Dakota – First Impressions

I have been up too long to have too many coherent thoughts but just wanted to say we had a good travel day (3 flights, no delays, luggage made the trip, good weather). Thank you Lord for that!

We landed at Rapid City about 6 local time. We are in the middle of one of the more interesting landscapes we have experienced. When they say “black hills” we are talking about literal hills with lots of crevices and cracks. Here at Piedmont, there are some pines and cottonwood trees but for the most part it is stark. There are a lot of cattle grazing and cultivation of what probably is grain – they are just planting.

We found our cabin on Chimney Canyon Road with only one wrong turn in a brand new car (8 miles on the odometer!) and were met by the caretaker. We checked out a local steakhouse (very much old school small town restraunt with good food and friendly staff). We will have to go back to Rapid City tomorrow for groceries but did not know that before we headed out today.

Tomorrow Mt. Rushmore. Pictures to come.


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