Confessions of a Southern Baptist Churchman

Book CoverI love writing that is personal, not contrived, and brutally honest in self assessment.  I found that when I read Confessions of a Southern Baptist Churchman authored by my friend, fellow Sanctuary Choir member, and member of First Baptist Church Jackson, Kendall Smith.  Kendall is an interesting fellow and has done a lot of things. My favorite is that he referees high school football and he was great friends with Frank Stebbins, the first guy I worked for at the State of Mississippi.  I also could identify with many of the issues he was dealing with since I am a member at FBCJ and was there before he got there.  I also had the distinct “privilege” of dealing with Mr. Barefield (just read the book) as the landlord for my office space.

Kendall’s honest assessment of his walk with God is refreshing. He is very frank and open. He brings out three watershed times that his faith had to kick in at a different level.  It is a heart warming story about God working through life of a guy regardless of the circumstances. He very graciously dedicates it to his lovely wife Sheila (and I can assure you Kendall is way over married) and managed to get some well respected folks in the community to read his manuscript as well as write an introduction for him.

I recommend you check this out at or contact Kendall directly at You will enjoy the experience.