Potatoes – Who Knew?

The folks in this part of Europe eat potatoes in many forms. I am sorry I don’t have photos but here is what I saw on the buffet today at lunch:

  • French Fries a.k.a. “chips”
  • Roasted potato wedges 
  • Potato gnocchi 
  • Roasted potatoes with black pudding a.k.a. “blood pudding”

During the week we have also seen whipped potatoes, sweet potato salad, regular potato salad (vinegar based dressing), and some sort of hash brown like circles at breakfast that have onions and other wonderful favors in the mixture!

And that does not count two varieties of couscous, white rice, pasta, amazing breads (I just say no – I realized that once I found out how good they were to eat bread at every meal would become a real problem). 

I am making myself at the buffet meals go to the “cold table” and stay with the salads – they are excellent. But these people like their potatoes. Honestly I thought that only happened in the UK and Ireland!


P.S. I am pretty sure except for a piece of fish, every other dish on Steve’s plate was one of the starches mentioned above at lunch today. And no, no black pudding for either of us – bleh!