Rebekah’s Recital

Nope – #celloadventuresofcille is not having a recital (though rumor has it I will play in the Academy of Arts recital later this spring!)

My teacher, Rebekah Grace Miller, will perform her final undergraduate recital at Belhaven University of April 6th. For more information, you can click here. Rebekah is a gifted artist. When she plays her cello, it is an emotional encounter. She uses her God given talent to minister in so many ways and to touch the lives of those around her.

In addition to her teaching me for nearly 17 months, I have been privileged to hear her play professionally with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra as well as during various other events: Best of Belhaven and a number of Music Studio Classes at Belhaven, her Cello I recital in 2017, at First Baptist Jackson, and as part of the mission team for Epiphany Nights in St. Petersburg, Russia in January 2019. Honestly, when I don’t think her music can get any better, she plays something else that touches me. My current favorite (in a long list of favorites), is Rachmaninoff’s Sonata in G minor for Cello and Piano, Op. 19. While I love the whole thing, the third movement, the Andante, moves me to tears every.single.time. You don’t want to disturb the moment by breathing as the movement concludes. Seriously.

Cello lessons with Rebekah (and hanging out with other young adult friends who love classical music) have rekindled my love of classical music. Part of it is the music itself and the genius of the composers; part is the interpretation of artists who perform these works: their devotion to their craft; how they use their God given talents to touch the lives of others; the sacrifices they make to pursue their dreams. I am thrilled to be along for the ride in a small way and to be able to see just how God is going to use them. Who knew that deciding to take cello lessons at the young age of 62 from a 20 year old would have such an impact on my life.

I encourage you to come and experience Rebekah’s music on April 6th. Frankly, if you are not taking advantage of the musical offerings that Belhaven regularly produces, you are missing something special.

Rebekah’s sister, Zoë Miller, perhaps said it best: “Rebekah has known for years that the cello was her calling. On April 6, she will showcase years of hard work, tireless dedication, and, above all, her God given talent as she performs for her senior recital at Belhaven University. I am so proud of how much Rebekah has grown and I’m excited to see where God takes her next!!” To know your calling and to pursue it, that is what God wants from each of us.

I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in Rebekah’s life and with her gifts. As that plays out, I am thankful to be taking lessons, learning all I can from her, and being able to give back a little where I can. My encouragement to you today is to take a chance on doing something different (and hard) and where you can, make investments in the lives of those who come behind you. Trust me. You will be thankful you did.

Still Choosing Joy!